Ministry of Trade Advises Public to Avoid Classy Bottled Water

By Staff Reporter

Classy-bottled-waterSeptember 21, 2018 - The Ethiopia’s Ministry of Trade has urged the public to avoid drinking bottled water branded Classy. Upon inspection, the Ministry of Trade has found Classy bottled water unfit for public consumption.

Belay Private Limited Company, which manufactures Classy bottled drinking water, has been ordered to collect its product from the market before it poses health problems to consumers, the Ministry’s Public Relations and Communications Director Wondimu Filate disclosed.

According to the director, the company once again failed to produce a product that meets the minimum quality set by the Ethiopian Standards Agency despite repeated warnings from the Ministry since it became operational in 2015.

The director said the product had been undergoing regular inspection and the company was suspended in 2016 for producing poor quality of water which lacks some of the desired ingredients.

 “We bring forth vast industrial experience and expertise in this business, involved in offering a high-quality range of Packaged Drinking Water Bottle” read the description of Classy bottled drinking water.

The company was allowed to restart production last year after it came up with better quality product that met the agency’s requirements.

However, the ministry  once again suspended the company in April this year after it proved that the quality of Classy bottled drinking water declinedonce again.

According to the director, the company is obligated to collect its products in the market based on the binding agreement it entered with the country’s Ministry of Trade.


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